Shear Outback


Hay, NSW, Australia



Shearers Hall of Fame Board


Design Team

Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

Paul Berkemeier Architecture



Winner -RAIA NSW Commendation for Public Buildings 2002

Winner -RAIA National Award for Commercial Architecture 2002

Winner -Shear Outback Limited Competition 2000

The project arose from a winning entry for a limited competition for the design of a shearing museum in Hay, NSW.  JILA collaborated with PBA for the siting of the museum and layout of service areas within the vast flat landscape. Landscape scope also included design of flood levee, recommendations for rehabilitation of the indigenous saltbush vegetation on the 30 hectare site; design and documentation of gardens associated with the main exhibition hall, and design of playgrounds. Community input was through representation on the board, as well as a series of one on one and group meetings for input to landscape design.

Shear Outback has been extremely well received by local and regional communities, tourists and design professionals, and forms an iconic element in the landscape.