JILA in New Zealand

The New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects, Auckland branch will host a talk from Jane Irwin on the 26th of May, 6:30pm in the Auckland University Conference Centre.

JILA has a truly diverse range of projects and clients – from courtyards and monuments to urban projects  at the scale of a city centre or precinct.  Our projects are bespoke, and often begin with a quirky brief. Many projects, such as the Lemur Forest Adventure, are an exploration for us and for our clients.

Our work engages with landscapes that have been shaped through patterns of habitation laid over the broader framework of the natural landscape. An understanding of the interaction of these relationships, and the overarching systems that continue to shape them, is fundamental to our response to place.

Our work spans a wide range of environments – urban and rural, city and regional.   Crossing scale, site and project typologies, the common thread within our work is a process that is artistic, flexible and specific.  Our approach is research based and iterative, examining and embracing the complexities of site and program in order to transform the embedded qualities and aspirations of place.

Jane’s talk for the NZ Institute of landscape architects will explore the elements that trigger a design response for a range of projects, and the processes that move us from inspiration to construction.  Jane will present a range of past and current projects, including some currently under construction.