Lemur Forest Adventure opens to the public

NSW Premier Barry O’ Farrell officially opened Taronga Zoo’s latest exhibit on Monday, a collaborative project for JILA with Hill Thalis Architecture & Urban Projects, the Lemur Forest Adventure showcases both the adorable primates themselves and a cultural story represented in three stages that reflect the demise of the Ring Tailed Lemur’s natural habitat in Madagascar. Visitors experience the lush forest habitat upon entry, formed with dense planting of mature tree and shrub species, and transition through the more open play area where children (and big kids) can mimic the play habits of the Lemurs, finally reaching (via the underside of a waterfall) the domain of the Lemurs themselves that is represented with a variety of plant species endemic to Madagascar. Come April this year visitors will be able to enter the Lemur area and interact with the animals on a personal level, this is the first exhibit at Taronga that allows this level of proximity with the animals. Get out and see this exhibit if you can, it’s going to be popular.

photography by Alex Rink & Dan Harmon

Opening at Taronga