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Janeā€™s article on ā€˜Emerging Challenges for Public Space Designā€™ features in X-Section Edition 5 2015 ā€“ Emergence: Designing for the Future for the full article head to

Public domain design has moved to the forefront of contemporary landscape architectural practice. As a profession, we are also entering the sphere of urban design. Within these areas of practice, landscape architects are meeting the environmental challenges of global warming, water management and the pressures of population growth. Innovation in these fields is currently a prime focus in the media. To be taken seriously in this space, however, we need to engage in the social and political debates around the changing nature of public space.

Chelsea Street Playground Grand Opening


Last Saturday saw the official opening of Chelsea Street Playground with an appearance from Lord Mayor Clover Moore and entertainment organised by the City of Sydney.

It was the local residents, however, who really brought the party showing up in droves to celebrate the reopening of what many consider to be an extension of their backyard. This was evident in the large number of children who brought toys from home to share with other children. A quirk, which has become a defining characteristic of the playground and contributed to the strong sense of community that exists amongst the parkā€™s users.

The new park and playground has proven to be extremely popular since its soft opening last month, with many families using the custom designed picnic shelter as a base for trick-or-treat during Halloween and taking advantage of the new BBQ facilities for neighbourhood parties.

The community garden has also been well received by the local residents. While the new paving and planting along nearby Rennie Street has adds to the character of the surrounding area and this closely knit community.

All in all it was a fantastic day and showcased that even small parks can have a big impact within our inner city neighbourhoods.

Campbell Section 5 park is turfed and almost ready to goā€¦

A new piece of Campbell emerges as the park takes shape.


Chillistock Photography

The new park at Campbell Section 5 provides a continuous park frontage to the suburb and knits the new street network into the existing.

With the streets open to the publicĀ excitement is now building for access to this new localĀ recreation space.


Chillistock Photography

JILA welcomes Saskia van der Put to the team

We are very excited to have Saskia join the team as a senior landscape architect. Saskia has a strong background in public domain design projects including the Goods Line and Pirrima Park with Aspect Studios. She is now leading the City Farm Project with JILA and will be the project Architect for the next stage of City to the Lake ā€“ West Basin in Canberra.

Chelsea Street Playground nearing completion

Campbell Section 5 nears completion


JILA has been busy on site with the final stage of works on the new urban park at Campbell Section 5. The recently completed new street network, urban plaza and upgrade of Constitution Avenue frontage has set the standard for a high quality urban precinct in the heart of Canberra.

Reconciliation Park officially open

Reconciliation Park was officially opened by the Lord Mayor Clover Moore on Saturday. The sunny day brought together many families from the surrounding neighbourhood as well as a number of residents who contributed during the initial community consultation.