Immigration Place


Kings Avenue, Canberra ACT, Australia



National Capital Authority


Design Team

Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

McGregor Westlake Architecture

Lindy Lee


Shortlisted  – Immigration Place Design Competition 2014

A “Place” is made in the space, contained by tree lines, aligned to Kings Avenue and symbolically connected to the world through the orientation to true north. Directional lines radiate from the heart of the place – the indigenous foundation – to the points of migrant origins, marking place, time and the global diaspora.

The artistic expression of immigration conceives the fabric of Australian culture as an infinite net, where individuals and cultures are simultaneously singularly and profoundly interconnected. Our society is dynamic and unfolding, of diverse origins over time and space. Recognising the value of ‘other’, we celebrate reciprocity and mutability. Spirit of Place speaks of our capacity to reinvent identities while still honouring the ancestry implicit in our diverse origins. (Lindy Lee)