The Garden of Cloud and Stone


Thomas & Hay Street, Ultimo, NSW, Australia



City of Sydney


Design Team

Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

Hill Thalis Architecture & Urban Projects

Lindy Lee

Urban Art Projects


photography: Simon Wood


WINNER – Award of Excellence AILA NSW Awards 2020

The vision for this project is to recognise past and present cultural identity through architecture, place design and public art, while maintaining and enhancing the teeming, informal and open street life that makes Chinatown the lively, exciting, culturally rich and artful place that it already is. This exploration of design seeks to integrate art into the process and production of public domain design – with the intention of creating artfully designed places, rather than spaces with art.

In addition this project seeks to clarify and better accommodate pedestrian movement along Thomas Street, connect areas south of Hay Street more effectively with the Dixon Street share way and to greatly increase the amenity and usable space for pedestrians within Chinatown.