Forest Edge Garden


Lower Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia


Design Team

Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

Jonathan Temple and James Stockwell Architects



Winner – AILA Award for Residential Design 2014

Shortlisted – Houses Awards, Outdoor 2014 

This was a design that responded very closely to the site; an exercise in creating a garden that will eventually meld into the natural landscape, requiring a very light touch from the designers. Design explores relationships between natural and cultivated – with subtle shifts across the site to define cultivated areas that belong with the inhabited zones. The garden is a series of rooms within the broader landscape that can be occupied differently according to daily and seasonal conditions.

Some interventions are clear and structure the site through bold lines that draw cues from the natural geology of sandstone escarpments. The design is the product of choreography of different elements and people rather than a strong visible hand of the designer.

The garden will evolve with minimal maintenance; it is resilient and hardy while still providing moments of delicacy and delight. The process of creating the garden has enhanced the client’s perception of their bush setting.