Holman House


Dover Heights, NSW, Australia


Design Team

Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

Durbach Bloch Jaggers Architects



Winner – AILA Award for Residential Designed Landscapes 2007 

Winner – Wilkinson Award for Residential Architecture (NSW) 2005 

Winner – National Award for Housing 2005 

Winner – Sydney Open Historic Houses Trust Tour – Featured 2004 

Holman House in Dover Heights sits on a cliff top site with extreme climatic conditions making it a very challenging site for creating a living garden, yet rewarding for the beauty of the setting and the relationship with an extraordinary building.

The garden is laid out in a series of terraces that slope and fold in response to the steep topography, and to create outdoor rooms that relate to the building’s openings.

Memories of the original garden that contained a series of richly planted and textured gardenesque style gardens, held together with sandstone walls and edges, are integrated into the new landscape.   Planting design borrows from the palette of pre-existing species and adds a rich mix of indigenous and exotic coastal plants adapted to survival on this tough site.

The resulting garden is dynamic and rich, and perhaps a little wild.