site works

Thomas & Hay underway ….


After several months of civil works the first sections of the combined street upgrade and public artwork are being installed at the Thomas & Hay Street project in Haymarket.

The design is being realised with installation of the first sawn bluestone boulders and paving setts. We eagerly await the arrival of the cup floating rock and bronze scholar rocks that will  fully realise the scheme.

shifting stone – Forest Edge Garden

We have had the pleasure of working on this site for three years and while our role was completed in mid 2013 the site continues to evolve and change. JILA, together with Jonathan Temple (Architect), David Harris (Australian Bushland Restoration), Danny Smith (Builders) and Bates Landscapes, implemented a design based on minimal site impact. Softworks were undertaken with a program for seed collection and transplanting from site, use of endemic species and reuse of the site topsoil seed banks. Hardworks involved the experimental use of sandstone ‘roughbacks’ as terrace walls and waste stone offcuts for paving, requiring complex choreography on-site.

revegetation through seed collection, propagation and transplanting from site

expanded dam – works to improve and naturalise edge

sandstone ‘roughbacks’ establish 3 terraces down to the pool

hand selected bluestone and granite stoneyard waste forms a patchwork paving between buildings

Photography by JILA