Campbell Section 5



Campbell Section 5, ANZAC Parade and Constitution Avenue, ACT, Australia



Land Development Agency (LDA)


Design Team

Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects




Campbell Section 5 occupies a pivotal site at the junction of two major Griffin axes between Capital Hill and Mount Ainslie, and Civic and Russell. Few sites, by location, are awarded the opportunity to reinforce this dominant Canberra Legacy.

Section 5 sits adjacent to Constitution Avenue and ANZAC Parade, forming the south-west corner of Campbell. As such, a priority of the design is the exploration of the ways in which this residual area can be knitted back into the surrounding urban fabric – transforming it into a cohesive urban precinct and linking these distinctive neighbourhoods. The master plan makes considered responses to the existing public domain networks and residential character of Campbell with a proposed shift in land use and Open Space boundaries.

The eastern part of Section 5 contains generous open spaces that separate existing areas from any new development. This open space is contained by public streets to define the new urban form and draw lakeside open space networks into the existing urban footprint. The Master Plan has integrated stormwater capture and treatment to enhance quality of flows into the lake and allow opportunities for reuse in the open spaces and within private development blocks.