Canberra Brickworks Planning Strategy


Yarralumla, ACT, Australia



Land Development Agency (LDA)


Design Team

Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects

Lovell Chen Architects + Heritage Consultants



The design team worked together to develop a planning strategy for the adaptive reuse of Canberra Brickworks and adjacent Quarry with a new sustainable transport orientated suburb associated with the ceremonial entrance to the Governor Generals Residence at Yarralumla. The study commenced in January 2010 and is ongoing. Canberra brickworks and environs planning strategy works to adaptively reuse the last intact and unaltered brickworks in Australia. The scope involves the adaptation for public and commercial uses in a range of heritage buildings and associated landscape.

The plan explores a range of urban open space types from the rugged quarry to formalised urban buffer and ceremonial parks. A range of densities and housing choice have been calibrated to protect relationships with the adjacent suburbs whilst valuing urban land by providing housing in areas of high amenity.