Mangare and Papatoetoe Town Centres


Auckland, New Zealand


Manukau City Council

Design Team

Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

Ollsson Associates



The Town Centres of Mangare and Old Papatoetoe (including Hunter’s Corner) were the subject of urban design studies, undertaken with Ollsson Associaites, for the then Manukau City Council. The intention of the projects was to establish a framework for ensuring that future development in and around the Town Centre is sustainable, appropriate and desirable by ensuring that the environmental, social cultural and economic considerations are incorporated into the area’s development.

The design concepts are specific to the particular landscape character, topographic features, social and cultural characteristics, history and open space character of the areas. Specifically, both projects sought to establish a new heart for each centre, introduce a finer grain to the retail centres and residential areas through introduction of new streets and pedestrian links, and identify opportunities to bring communities together through better public spaces, and improved community infrastructure.