Merewether Beach Reserves Public Domain Plan


Merewether, Newcastle, NSW, Australia



Newcastle City Council


Design Team

Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Planning


Winner – PIA (NSW) Award for Excellence in Urban Design 2010

Winner – PIA (NSW) Award for Planning Excellence – From Plan to Place 2014

Merewether Beach Reserves was a two stage process involving the redesign of the streets, carparks and open space adjacent to the beach in order to improve pedestrian safety and public amenity.

New street flows and intersections, parks and public open spaces, cycleways and pedestrian connections to the beach, adaptive building reuse and WSUD initiatives in the carparks, combine to create a safe and vibrant coastal amenity, and together provide a high quality, integrated public domain.

This study was conducted in two parts. Firstly to form a vision for the beach reserves that highlight the heritage and coastal ecology. The second stage was to compile a technical manual that provides guidelines and materials for implementing these schemes. The council has currently completed upgrades along the beach promenade, adjacent car park and John Street based on the public domain plan.