JILA’s Clifftop Garden wins AILA NSW Award of Excellence

We are pleased to announce that our Clifftop Garden in Vaucluse has won the award of excellence for gardens at the AILA NSW awards this evening. Congratulations to all involved and all the best for the other entrants in the awards!

JILA’s Clifftop Garden Shortlisted for Houses Awards 2020

We are pleased to announce that our clifftop garden in Vaucluse has been shortlisted in the Garden or Landscape category for this year’s Houses Awards. Winners are announced on the 31st of July.


Government House Garden Featured in Spectrum

Our transformative project on the Eastern Terrace of Government House has recently been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald. You can read the Spectrum article here.

The garden has been well received thus far, and we are looking forward to seeing how it evolves over the next few years. We have prepared a detailed maintenance plan for the garden, considering the successional nature of the plantings, and how best to keep it presented to the standard required by Government House.


Xerochrysums and Bracteantha provide a vibrant floral display amongst the silver foliage of Eremophila, Westringia, Actinotus, and Pycnosorus

Groundcovers blend together to form a diverse edge – Chrysocephalum, Dampiera, Pelargonium, and Brachyscome

Smoke haze on site, climatic conditions present a challenge to an already ambitious garden

Complimentary yet contrasting forms with Chrysocephalum ‘Desert Orange’ and Wahlenbergia


Melbourne Design Week: Landscape as Protagonist Symposium

Visit Molonglo’s website for more information on the public lectures, as well as the resource material

We are thrilled to be a part of the Landscape As Protagonist Symposium hosted by Molonglo Group. The event will bring together a diverse mix of people within the discipline of landscape to spend a day interrogating the challenges facing our urban spaces. We can’t wait to share some of the outcomes from the discussions.

Visit the symposium website here where you can find information on the 3 public lectures, as well as the publicly available resources Thinking About Plants, Visual Index and A Small Library.


Vaucluse Garden featured in Australia by Design

Our Vaucluse garden project has recently been honoured in the ‘top 10’ landscape projects in Australia by Design for 2018!

The whole episode is available to stream at the Australia by Design website. If you’re strapped for time there’s a brief interview with Jane along with some stunning shots of the garden at the 12:30 minute mark.


Clifftop Garden


WINNER – Award of Excellence AILA NSW Awards 2020

This garden sits on a cliff top site exposed to pacific winds, making it a challenging yet rewarding site for creating a living garden, diverse and interesting.

We wanted to work with what was on site, and expose the true nature of the escarpment. Building on the idea of exposing the cliff face, a tiered complex of roughback sandstone, succulents and grasses, traverses the space in between a lawn and a pond amassed with planting. The series of rocky outcrops, terraces that step and fold, feel as if the topography of the escarpment is pushing up through the garden bed.

Planting design borrows from the palette of pre-existing species, with grasses that wave in the wind, pickup the sun, and collect little drops of water that reflect the light.

The resulting garden is a delicate balance of not just functionality and framing, but creates a space for both humans and wildlife underscored by a slightly wild, rugged landscape.