Beare Park




13 Esplanade Road, Elizabeth Bay, NSW, Australia



City of Sydney


Design Team

Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

Deuce Design (with Janet Hutchinson)

Sam Crawford Architects (toilet block)


Beare Park and associated Kings Cross Rotary Park, located on the inner harbour, is a popular public park with strong heritage background, containing remnants of Boomerang and Tudor House. It is a well used and loved community facility, and an important recreational resource in the built up area, providing unstructured recreation, children’s play and access to the harbour.

The park upgrade needed to retain the character but incorporate a new foreshore walkway and access stairs to the harbour, and rationalize and upgrade parking and playground. The new works have a light touch, retaining and clarifying the spatial quality, with an emphasis on high quality detailed design including stone, brick, tile elements, and soft landscape .

Stormwater from the whole catchment is captured, filtered and stored under the carpark, and used to irrigate the park.