Railway Park


Railway Park, Station Road, Auburn, NSW, Australia



Auburn City Council


Design Team

Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

McGregor Westlake Architecture

Lighting Art and Science



Winner – AILA NSW Award for Design in Landscape Architecture 2010

The Railway Park project was part of proposals for upgrading and revitalising the public domain of Auburn Town Centre arising from the Auburn Town Centre Integrated Public Art + Design Framework. Railway Park was identified by the Council and the community as an important part of the Town Centre public domain. Design was a collaboration between landscape architect, architect and artist to create an artfully designed place, as intended in the Integrated Art and Design Framework.

The design emphasises the park as a green space within a framework of streets, and terminated by the rail station. Existing levels are subtly sculpted to define use areas, and relationships are reorganized, primarily to provide a generous and safe public space at the station. . Existing landscape walls are redefined and strengthened to modulate space and create a distinctive place that is heavily used by a wide range of community user groups.