Reconciliation Park


George Street, Redfern, NSW, Australia



City of Sydney

Design Team

Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects

Fiona Robbe Landscape Architecture


photography: Simon Wood, Laura Harding


Reconciliation Park in Redfern was identified by the City of Sydney as part of its Small Parks Upgrade Program, to update the existing facilities and make it more relevant to the community. The park upgrade offers a series of interventions to improve park circulation, provide a safe and engaging play environment, include community gardens, open the site to George Street and improve amenity.

 A key feature of the park is a custom designed tree house. Built around an existing Celtis tree, the intricately detailed tree house acts as a pivot for play, with a slide, pneumatic fireman’s pole and discreet small cubby spaces. Marbles in the perforated roof create a play of light through the day. Swings, monkey bars, sandstone steppers and stilt balance challenge complete the play experience. An existing mural by a local artist that flanks the eastern side of the park was preserved; it makes an important contribution to park character and retains connections to the past.