Borneo Adventure

I was lucky enough to recently travel to Borneo, initially I had my gaze fixed to the canopy to catch a glimpse of an Orangutan, Proboscis monkey or a Slow Loris but as the canopy became denser I became increasingly taken by the micro world. The plethora of insects and the diversity of striking and sometimes luminous fungi were addictive. Before I knew it I was like Alice, completely absorbed into the micro world. From giant snails, superbly camouflaged moths and other striking insects, to fungi that ranged from black as tar to that which resemble deep-sea coral. To top it all off the Rafflesia (the corpse flower) which only blooms for 7 days in its life and resembles something from Mars. Then suddenly the path would lead to giant caves, some of the biggest caves on the planet and also home to weird insects, rivers and to some 3 millions bats that exit the caves at dusk to feed. Borneo was an eye opener a chance to rekindle a love for nature, the immensity and beauty of giant trees that create the canopy down to the micro world of fungi and diverse invertebrates that inhabit the undergrowth.