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New Century Garden the latest piece in the Chinatown upgrade

The City of Sydney recently featured the New Century Garden in video showcasing the upgrades currently being carried out across the Chinatown precinct.

Chinatown upgrade – City of Sydney

The Chinatown public domain plan is being revisited to take into accound recent significant changes in the southern part of the city centre.

Campbell Section 5 park is turfed and almost ready to go…

A new piece of Campbell emerges as the park takes shape.


Chillistock Photography

The new park at Campbell Section 5 provides a continuous park frontage to the suburb and knits the new street network into the existing.

With the streets open to the public excitement is now building for access to this new local recreation space.


Chillistock Photography

Campbell Section 5 nears completion


JILA has been busy on site with the final stage of works on the new urban park at Campbell Section 5. The recently completed new street network, urban plaza and upgrade of Constitution Avenue frontage has set the standard for a high quality urban precinct in the heart of Canberra.

Thomas & Hay underway ….


After several months of civil works the first sections of the combined street upgrade and public artwork are being installed at the Thomas & Hay Street project in Haymarket.

The design is being realised with installation of the first sawn bluestone boulders and paving setts. We eagerly await the arrival of the cup floating rock and bronze scholar rocks that will  fully realise the scheme.

The Transformation of Campbell!

Work on site is just about to get underway on Campbel Section 5. JILA have been working hard for the past couple of years envisaging and designing the transformation of a vacant block in central Canberra into a new high quality urban precinct.

With a Constitution Avenue address, a new 3.4Ha of public domain, and a new local street network, we cant wait to get our hands dirty on site.

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A new look for Campbell

Campbell awaits Transformation

The project is a collaboration between Cardno, JILA and Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects

Linking Canberra City to the Lake wins Australia Award for Urban Design

JILA, in collaboration with Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects, SMEC Australia Pty Ltd have been awarded the Australia Award for Urban Design for their work on the ACT government’s Linking Canberra City to the Lake project.

Project Summary 

The City to the Lake project provides a development framework for an urban extension of the City centre towards the lake, creating a vibrant urban waterfront that will enhance the public’s access to and use of Commonwealth Park, the lake and major national and regional educational and cultural institutions such as the ANU and National Museum. The public waterfront will be the centrepiece of a mixed use City precinct along with major new public amenity, infrastructure and cultural attractions for the Capital Region. Overall the project provides for over 1 million square metres of gross floor area for up to 15,000-20,000 new residents located around West Basin, City Hill and along Constitution Avenue.



Canberra Times

Australia Award for Urban Design